PM to meet 150 start-ups today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will on Saturday interact with as many as 150 start-ups and seek their inputs on further driving innovation in the country.

The participating start-ups, from sectors such as agriculture, health, enterprise systems, space, industry 4.0, security, fintech and environment, will be divided into six working groups. Each group will make a presentation before the Prime Minister on one of the six themes– ‘Growing from Roots’, ‘Nudging the DNA’, ‘From Local to Global’, ‘Technology of Future’, ‘Building Champions in Manufacturing’, and ‘Sustainable Development’.

On January 16, 2016, launching an action plan on ‘Startup India’, the Modi government had envisaged for itself the role of only a ‘facilitator’ for investments, promising to cut the maze of red tape that had hampered the country’s economic growth for decades and squeezed employment opportunities.

The Prime Minister’s latest meeting with start-ups comes at a time when a Covid-ravaged economy urgently needs businesses, including start-ups, to awaken their animal spirit and boost investments to spur growth. The government also wants to spur innovation by strengthening the start-up eco-system.

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